The first Tesla S in Russia

Interesting story over at The Verge for the first Tesla S car imported in Russia:

"I put Tesla Model S in Russian databases," he says, "
Next time people will bring it to Russia, it will be a little easier." By the time the car was safely in Grishin’s hands in Moscow, he’d paid ₽6.5 million for it — roughly $180,000. That compares to about $110,000 for a fully-optioned Model S P85 in the United States. Yet Russia — and Moscow in particular — is more EV-friendly than you might think: Grishin says that a February law change eliminated a 15 percent auto import tax for fully electric vehicles. In Moscow’s city center, a notoriously difficult and expensive place to park, EVs park free. Nissan Leafs are available in the country, but Tesla’s aggressive international expansion hasn’t yet found its way to Red Square. "I spent a lot of time talking with Tesla Europe, saying, ‘Guys, I’m ready to bring Tesla to Russia. I’m the owner of one of the biggest news portals in Russia, so we can do a lot of promotion. I’m a big fan of the car,’" Grishin says.

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