New driver assist features spotted on newly delivered Tesla S cars: speed assist, line departure warning, adtitional park assist sensors

Several new features were spotted on newly delivered Tesla S cars by members of the Teslamotorsclub forum:

Speed assist (informs you about the speed limit on the roads you are driving)

Details about the new feature were found in the latest version of the manual. Mobieye camera in the rearview mirror and new sensor in the front grill were also spotted on some models:

Line departure warning (vibrates the steering wheel once you drive over the road's markings)

Both the line departure and speed assist features are listed under a new Driver Assist tap in the settings window.

The latest Tesla S deliveries include also additional park assist sensors:

Tesla Motors has not made an official announcement on those new features. It seems that they will be part of the technology package and will not cost extra. Most likely those new features will not be retrofitted to existing Tesla S vehicles, but there is always hope.

Those are probably the first steps towards the "self-driving" Tesla car Elon Musk promised to hit the roads in 5 to 6 years.

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