Self-driving Tesla cars in 5-6 years

Elon Musk

Elon Musk estimates that self-driving cars (including Tesla) will hit the roads in 5 to 6 years:
The two major promises of self-driving cars are safety and convenience. Computer-controlled cars promise to react to things faster, and could open up certain sections of roadways to higher speeds given the extra reaction time — speeding up long distance car travel. "They will be a factor of 10 safer than a person [at the wheel] in a six-year time frame," Musk says. For convenience, a car that drives itself would allow passengers to focus on other things besides maneuvering around roadways and other drivers. Musk's estimates for Tesla are not that far off from other automakers, which hope to have fully-autonomous cars on the road by 2020.
Via Theverge

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