Report: the new Tesla Model 3 to be revealed on October 9

This just in - according to MarketWatch Telsa will unveil their Model 3 electrical car during their upcoming press event on October 9:

Tesla Motors Inc. will unveil its Model 3, the mass-market car, and new versions of the Model S sedan at the event Oct. 9, analyst Trip Chowdhry with Global Equities Research said in a note Friday. It is no coincidence the event is to take place in the Los Angeles area rather the San Francisco Bay Area, where the electric-car maker is headquartered: Tesla's top designer "spends almost 90% of this time in the LA Design Center," Chowdhry said. Tesla earlier Friday said the event was scheduled for 7 p.m. at the Hawthorne airport. By showing a Model 3 prototype Tesla is also hoping to garner more attention from potential "gigafactory" investors, he added. The new Model S versions would have all-wheel drive and semi-autonomous driver-assistance system, which would be positive for car technology company MobileEye Technologies.
I personally do not think the Model 3 will be unveiled next week, otherwise the teaser would emphasize on the number "3" and not on the letter "D".

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