Tesla rumors: Model S P85D firmware update to increase 0-60 performance to 2.8s?

Several Tesla forum members are reporting rumors that a new Model S P85D firmware update will be released soon and will increase 0-60 performance of the car to 2.8 seconds:

I'm happy to bring you a TMC exclusive rumor. According to my sources deep inside Tesla, a firmware update for the P85D will increase its 0-60 performance from 3.2s to 2.8s. I have not personally operated this P85D, but my sources have allegedly seen it in action and historically these sources have been accurate for Tesla rumors. Please take it with a grain of salt because I have not seen or operated this vehicle myself.
A Tesla Model S P85D recently set a new 1/4 mile world record in drag racing at 3.1 seconds.

Via Teslamotorsclub

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