What is the exact Tesla Model S driving range?

Tesla Motors recently published a blog post with more details on the Model S driving range:

EPA 5-cycle Range (complicated combination of different driving conditions)
VariantEPA 5-cycle Range2
P85+, P85, 85265
  • 1 Values for 85D and P85D are pending final confirmation from the EPA and use new dual motor torque sleep control software available by the end of January 2015.
  • 2 In the table above all vehicles, including the P85+, are using 19" tires. See the paragraph below about performance tires below to understand their impact on range.
Cruising Range (constant speed cruising range)
Variant65 mph Range1
75 mph Range1
P85+, P85, 85285242
  • 1 All vehicles in the table above are using 19" tires.
  • 2 Using new torque sleep control software available end of January 2015.

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