Top selling luxury cars in the US for 2014 (Tesla got the #2 spot)

Those are the top selling luxury cars in the US for 2014:

Here are the 2013 vs. 2014 numbers compared side by side:

Large Luxury Car Models20142013% Change
Mercedes-Benz S-Class25,27613,30390.00%
Tesla Model S18,48015,58518.58%
BMW 7-Series9,74410,932-10.87%
BMW 6-Series8,6479,762-11.42%
Lexus LS8,55910,727-20.21%
Audi A78,1338,483-4.13%
Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class6,9818,032-13.09%
Audi A85,9046,300-6.29%
Porsche Panamera5,7405,4215.88%
Jaguar XJ4,3295,434-20.33%

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