Tesla home battery to be announced on April 30th

More info on Elon's tweet from few weeks ago (from Buzzfeed):
“We will introduce the Tesla home battery and a very large utility scale battery. We will explain the advantages of our solutions and why past battery options were not compelling.”

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  1. Whats the life time expectancy of the Battery ? Deep Cycle Marine batteries only last 5 years on average . The cost of replacing the Batter Bank is more than what it cost to be on the grid in most of the world , making solar and wind power quite impractical...Not that we don't want Solar or wind power to be practical we most certainly do ! But cost and availability in an isolate area as in 3rd world countries makes the limited 5 year life expectancy on batteries really suck for the long hall where electricity on the grid is inconsistent at best or non existent . Getting it there at all is hard enough the first time in many cases ,