Tesla Model S: pressing parking brake while moving

Here is what happens when you press the parking brake on a Tesla Model S while moving:

In this video, I demonstrate what happens when one presses the parking brake on a Tesla vehicle while moving. Basically, pressing (And Holding) the parking brake button while moving on a Tesla Model S / III / X engages the parking brake in a manor as a emergency brake, to slow the vehicle down in the case of main brakes failure. If you continue to hold the parking brake, eventually, when speed is reduced enough (At about 5mpg) it will fully engage and bring the vehicle to a abrupt jerky stop. If you release the parking brake/emergency brake button before coming to that complete stop, the vehicle will continue to roll, allowing the vehicle to be "driven" if main brake failure occurs, to be able to get the vehicle off the main road or to a safe location to stop and await a tow truck.

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